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July 2021 news from Paul Taggart's studio

Greetings from our home to yours and as ever this comes with the hope that all is well at your end, both in spirit and in health.

As long as we continue to share a mutual passion for creativity, we have something in our lives that cannot be taken away from us. It may be that circumstances can sometimes interfere with the intention to create, but don’t you find that as long as we have the ability to enjoy creativity as either a participant or as an appreciative viewer/listener, then our lives are enriched?

Over our artistic decades, we have been privileged to enjoy the company and output of fellow creators, sometimes chronicling their work, other times working collaboratively on projects; not only in the world of art, but also in the realms of theatre, music and design. So it is with Composer, Musician, Producer and Author Liza Mulholland, who generously allowed us to use her beautifully evocative composition ‘Balachan Ban’ (wee fair boy) to accompany our FREE-TO-VIEW video Reveal of Paul's Masterworks oil painting 'Winter Moon' - click on the button below to see the FULL-LENGTH VIDEO (click the play button here to see the 36sec intro clip) and enjoy Liza's solo piano playing on this track from her album ‘Fine’n’Rosy’, chosen by Liza especially for our film – recently released on our Patreon account, you will be carried away by the lyrical nature of the music.

Patreon was started by an independent musician who wanted to share his passion for music and the platform has now grown in size and stature, home to a wealth of varied creative talents. Some are showcasing their work, supported by ‘patrons’; others, are using the platform to offer video tutorials and so on. As you can read in our May 2021 newsletter, we have joined their ranks to offer our tutorials on a subscription basis, keeping the monthly fee to a reasonable level. Mind-you, there are no locked-in-contracts with Patreon, so anyone can sign-up for a month, then cancel and come back at a later stage to catch-up with the latest releases and there is no initial joining fee to open an account on Patreon.

  • This is not to say that we’ve ditched Vimeo – far from it. It is simply that we are converting our VOD box-sets on Vimeo so that Vimeo is the go-to place for purchasing our online tutorials for permanent streaming availability and/or download options.

  • Patreon becoming the go-to place for streaming our entire catalogue of online video art tutorials, either on a monthly subscription basis or a switch-on-switch-off option. We are gradually switching off any rental options on Vimeo – which we feel are limiting.

We are gradually rolling-out our video tutorials on Patreon, along with free-to-view ‘ArtBytes from Paul’ videos, so there are plenty of Try-Before-You-Buy hints and tips with which to become familiar with Paul’s method of tutoring. There are free-to-view, behind-the-scenes reveals, plenty of videos showcasing the traditional painting techniques that Paul uses for his Fine Art; methods that are exploited and shared in our video art tutorials.

We have also added some initial benefits to joining us on Patreon, starting off with 15% discounts on the purchase price of selected box-sets from Vimeo - use slideshow on left to see which box-sets. The process of redeeming those codes is simple and automatic as directed in the module descriptions.


And finally, Instagramwhere we’re releasing short-form updates and other bits’n’pieces about artworkshopwithpaul – to get a flavour of what we’ve shared thus far, scan this QR Code or search us out and hit the Follow button.


As always, this newsletter comes with our best wishes for your health and your creativity. Please stay safe to keep well, and as ever, thank you for reading and for your continued interest in our work.

Cheers for now, from our Steading studio, Eileen and Paul Paul Taggart Artist, Author, Presenter, Producer Oils : Watercolours : Acrylics : Pastels : Drawing NOTE : This newsletter contains information pertaining to Paul W. Taggart and Eileen M. Tunnell and may contain copyrighted material. It should be read as privileged or confidential and protected by International Copyright law and DMCA.


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