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“Welcome to my Original Paintings gallery,

Painting is my passion - my life's work that encompasses the creation of Masterworks for collectors. My career as a professional painter and author has spanned over fifty years and, in that time, more than one thousand principal selling works have come off the easel.


Traditional techniques form the basis of my particular method and process of working, which I maximise and manipulate to achieve the effect of light - the signature feature that is present in every piece.


I am particularly partial to oil painting, for there is nothing to surpass the sheer richness of this medium and the process. It is about painting in layers to create depth and using the inherent textures in a brushstroke. In oil painting we have a medium that can be opaque or transparent; thick or thin in its application, where the surface of the painting, being physical, affects the light falling on it.


The method of working from dark to light, building from initial dark layers through to the tiniest ticks of pure white highlights is combined with the use of traditional techniques such as glazing and tinting (as per the Old Masters). Enriching and enhancing the surface quality of oil paint is the process I employ extensively to achieve the quality I seek.


Watercolours, acrylics and pastels are all media for which I have also developed my own process and method; based on traditional techniques that enable me to exploit the inherent qualities of each medium to its maximum potential.”


Paul Taggart

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