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“Welcome to my private studio in the Highlands of Scotland, from where we share with you a selection of my original Masterworks paintings and our current offering of Limited-Edition Prints.


It is in my very soul to create works of art, I have a passion for doing so, which has been my life’s work. In my early, formative years, works were placed in galleries - now my original Masterworks paintings are only available privately, directly from our studio. Private Views, personal referrals and the occasional fund-raising exhibition in support of a charity or community project, along with commissions, are the sole routes through which collectors can acquire my originals.


Traditional techniques form the bedrock of my painting method and working with oils allows me to create rich and exciting works of art – seemingly three-dimensional spaces filled with light, space, mood and movement. My goal - to capture the very essence of a moment in time – one that will evoke a memory, or an emotional reaction.


The 'craft' of my painting owes everything to a repertoire of processes rooted in an established heritage. Without the specialist knowledge passed down through the centuries, it would not be possible for me to work in the style that I have carefully nurtured and developed over my professional life. It is a method that requires an unhurried approach, with each painting worked up gradually in layers – works take many months, even years, to complete and comprise of many applied layers.


I tend to work in Collections; collections that 'tell a story', in pictures - which you will find as you browse through my galleries and our Fine Art Videos channel.”


Paul Taggart

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