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“Welcome to my Limited-Edition Prints gallery,


As you will read in the introduction to my Fine Art, Originals Gallery and Fine Art Videos channel, the foundation of my working process is rooted in traditional techniques. My Original Masterworks paintings are crafted with considerable thought and take many months, if not years to create.


The thought-process and care that goes into my original works of art is carried right through to the choice of frame – to which we apply the highest standards, having them hand-made by Frinton Frames to our specification.


Our range of Limited-Edition Prints receive no less care and are produced, mounted and framed, in our private studio – every step in the process is carried out solely by us to ensure the prints meet our expectations and standard.


Not all of my Original Masterworks are reproduced as Limited-Edition Prints, we are selective about what to offer – for these are not mass-market prints, produced in their thousands – each print is limited to a total number available of one-hundred (with one or two exceptions, which are, nevertheless, limited to 250).


I tend to work in Collections; collections that 'tell a story', in pictures - which you will find as you browse through this Limited-Edition Prints Gallery and discover the 'Heritage Collection', the 'Highland Gems Collection', the 'Spirit of the Highlands Collection' and more.”


Paul Taggart

  • Scroll through our selection of currently available prints.

  • Click on the image to take a magnified walk around the subject.

  • By purchasing directly from our studio you are guaranteed to receive personally signed and hand-numbered prints.

  • Click the Discover More button to get further information on the print.

  • Click the Discover More button to learn about any image and find the link to the original painting.

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