Painting has always been my passion and the world of fine art was one I chose for my life and career, over forty years ago. Having gained my  degree in Fine Art, I turned professional.

As well as producing works of fine art in oils, watercolours, acrylics, drawing, pastels, etchings and lino cuts,  I have also endeavoured to encourage others to take up painting, either as a profession or as a pleasurable pursuit

Four of Paul Taggarts recent works

If you are an art lover and collect originals, please use this site as an introduction to my work.  Private Collectors have direct access to  collections and can see works available for sale as well as recently purchased pieces,

If you are an artist, this site is packed full of information to help painters of all abilities make progress. There are detailed workshops and tutorials covering watercolours oils, acrylics, pastels and other media. Not to mention solutions to painters common problems, colour mixing and more.


For a full listing of all tutorials and workshops which are featured on this site, click here

"Drawing and painting have been with me since a very early age. Choosing to make a career out of it was the natural way forward and so it is that the past thirty years of my life have been spent producing work that hangs on collectors' walls and sharing my passion with those, who themselves, enjoy the pursuit of drawing and painting.”

“In response to students needs I spent many years developing a method of tutoring that takes as its basis the need for detailed information. In live tutorials, this is supplied through fully narrated, detailed demonstrations. From these it was important that a method of conveying the same detailed information be found for the written page..

make learning easy


Thus it was that I conceived the Artstrips© which were tested for an extensive period of time before being committed to book form, some ten years ago, since when they have formed the basis of my books, this website and countless magazine tutorials."

Paul Taggart

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