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Want to learn traditional oil painting techniques?

“Do you paint yourself? Would you like to take up painting? Would you like to know more about the traditional techniques that I use?

Series 2 Masterclass in Oils with Paul Taggart - ten-video, box-set available from Vimeo - oil painting tutorials.

DISCOVER our catalogue of painting video tutorials, including this ten-video tutorial box-set ‘Masterclass Series 2 with Paul Taggart’ in which you can follow-along as I work on the original Masterworks oil painting ‘Reflecting on Oban Bay’.

Welcome to our studio in the Highlands of Scotland, which is where Eileen and I, film, produce and release all of our video-on-demand (VOD) art tutorial box-sets.

Painting is my life and my passion and it has been my pleasure, over five decades, to share that with a worldwide audience, via my extensive catalogue of online art tutorial videos - which are founded on traditional techniques.
Series 1 Learn to Enjoy Painting in Oils with Paul Taggart - box-set available from Vimeo - step-by-step video tutorials showing the basics of traditional oil painting techniques

Whether you are starting out, or want to further develop your knowledge of painting techniques, our tutorials are planned and developed with you in mind.

Series 4 Learn to Enjoy Painting in oils with Paul Taggart - comprehensive box-set video tutorials showing the traditional art of glazing in oil painting - available from Vimeo

Technique was a ‘dirty’ word when I was studying for my degree, because it was deemed to stifle creativity – I do not subscribe to that belief - which is why it is our philosophy to reveal all and hold nothing back, both in my books and in my online video tutorials.

Although my how-to books provided a marvellous vehicle in which to reveal the techniques that I believe in, imagine our thrill when the internet provided us with the opportunity to share those techniques in a comprehensive way - so that you can watch the entire painting process of an artwork, from start-to-finish.

You can work-along with me, without fear of missing any hint, tip, technique, brush-stroke or colour mix.

Series 3 Painting Topical Technique for oils with Paul Taggart - the basics, an excercise and other techniques to master the traditional art of impasto in oil paitning

Equipment Focus for Oils with Paul Taggart - everything for the basic oil painting kit plus hints and tips on how to use the equipment

You can watch along at a pace to suit you and, unlike attending classes, can return to them time and time again - they are in effect, your painting companions for as long as you want them to be.

Filmed in real-time, you can see every stroke on the surface, watch every colour mix on my palette, all accompanied by my detailed running commentary throughout and every video is packed full of tips and hints – nothing is withheld, nothing is edited out.

We look forward to your company and send best wishes for your creativity.”

from Eileen and myself,

Paul Taggart

Artist, Author, Presenter, Producer

NOTE : This blog post contains information pertaining to Paul W. Taggart and Eileen M. Tunnell and may contain copyrighted material. It should be read as protected by International Copyright law and DMCA.


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