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Latest box-set added to Series 4 Learn to Enjoy Painting with Paul Taggart

Learn to Enjoy Painting with Paul Taggart in Acrylics, Oils, Watercolours, Pastels - box-sets video tutorials available on Vimeo

Welcome to our studio in the Highlands of Scotland, from where we bring you the latest multi-video tutorial that completes the following four box-sets in Series 4 of Learn to Enjoy Painting with Paul Taggart:-


For this start-to-finish, work-along painting in Acrylics, we are exploiting traditional Oil Painting Techniques to maximise the potential of working with acrylic paints. As such, this box-set is just as suitable for working with oils.

TECHNIQUE – The traditional method of working in oils (as exploited in this acrylics box-set), is to gradually work through various layers, from the darkest accents, through gradually lightening layers to the final super-white highlights. This requires us to apply the dark underpainting using thin mixes of colour, with impasto mixes used for subsequent layers. Glazing is exploited to enhance and enrich applied colour; whilst tinting is used to imbue subtle colour changes, mood and depth, when used to push and pull specific areas. All of these techniques will not only bring substance to the elements within the composition, they will bring the variety of colours and forms to life. This is what makes these traditional techniques invaluable in achieving a rich painting - one full of character, depth, colour and textural form.

SUBJECT - when we select subjects for our tutorials, we carefully choose subjects that would best suit the technique that I am demonstrating – so it is with this series, as explained in Part 1.

Series 4 Learn to Enjoy Painting in Acrylics with Paul Taggart - reference photographs available from Flickr. Tutorials box-set available from Vimeo

You can work-along with me on the same subject, or choose something of your own, the choice is entirely up to you. We provide free-to-download reference photographs for this series – which are available from our account on Flickr - TRADITIONAL TECHNIQUES are key to all of our tutorials and the method of working in layers from dark-to-light, used for this composition, is adapted from the very same traditional painting techniques that I exploit for my own work. By working through from the dark accents to the lightest highlights, you are gradually building the tonal layers that are present in every aspect of a subject. Combine this with the ability to identify light and shade and you are in essence sculpting the landscape. I will show you how to manipulate and exploit thick and thin mixes of colour, how to maximise the techniques of glazing and tinting.

HINTS, TIPS & TECHNIQUES IN EVERY VIDEO - this step-by-step tutorial is not merely about following along on this composition, it is so much more than that. Every one of the coming videos will be packed-full of hints, tips and techniques – such as how to apply your paint wet-on-dry and wet-on-wet – how to exploit dry and wet blending – how to handle your brushes and exploit your brush-strokes. In other words, everything you need to make your experience of working with acrylic paint all the more exciting. We look forward to your company and as always, send you best wishes for your painting, from Eileen and myself.” Paul Taggart Artist : Author : Presenter : Producer DISCOVER artworkshopwithpaul – Art Tutorials in Acrylics DISCOVER artworkshopwithpaul – Art Tutorials in Oils DISCOVER artworkshopwithpaul – Art Tutorials in Watercolours DISCOVER artworkshopwithpaul – Art Tutorials in Pastels DISCOVER artworkshopwithpaul – Art Tutorials in Colour Mixing


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