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FREE-TO-DOWNLOAD Reference Photographs for Tutorials

Did you know we supply FREE-TO-DOWNLOAD reference photographs

with our compliments for anyone following Paul’s tutorials?

Simply pop over to our official account on Flickr

and browse through our entire index of reference material

Our seven-video box-set [Series 3] Painting Topical Techniques for Acrylics with Paul Taggart features a three-part still-life Exercise – a complete step-by-step demonstration of the beautiful shells shown in the ref pic above, rendered with the impasto technique, facilitated by the use of texture paste.

Always on the look-out for subjects for our online video tutorials, we found this delicate poppy whilst on a pottery course in the Orkneys - which made for a perfect flower-study for our detailed step-by-step Exercise in [Series 3] Painting Topical Techniques for Watercolours with Paul Taggart - the perfect stepping stone into Paul's combination method, of working with Wet on Wet and Wet on Dry - so why not have a look-see at what other topics are covered in this seven-video series available to either :-

Another of our FREE-TO-DOWNLOAD reference photographs – this beautiful Amaryllis gifted to us by a friend, the perfect subject for the Exercise in our 6-video box-set – [Series 3] Painting Topical Techniques for Pastels with Paul Taggart - available to :-

Ever wondered how to portray the textures on rocks? Our reference photograph of lichen-covered rocks on a visit to Orkney was just what we were looking for, for Paul’s demonstration of the Impasto technique in the Exercise in our eight-video box-set – [Series 3] Painting Topical Techniques for Oils with Paul Taggart - available to:-

As ever, we thank you for reading and watching and send best wishes from Eileen and myself,

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