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Tutorial-in-Progress Special Offer from Paul Taggart’s Studio

March 2023 e-newsletter Paul Taggart Artist & Author

Greetings and the warmest of ‘thankyous’ from our studio, here in the Highlands of Scotland – we do hope you received our March 2023 e-newsletter – if not then please contact us as detailed below.

It has been some while since we last corresponded with our latest news, which is why we wanted to say “thankyou” for your patience and continued support of our work.

Sadly, our main official website suffered a pernicious cyber-attack towards the end of last year, resulting in the destruction of 25years-worth of content and work. There was nothing for it, we had to abandon all work-in-progress so that a completely new site could be designed and built from scratch.

It therefore gives us immense pleasure to announce that our new site is live – so do please browse around to have a look-see at what we’ve been up to, to make as interesting and informative as possible – as if you were joining us on a visit to our private studio for a catch-up.

Finally …….. something we would be delighted for you to share with your painting friends – a personal offer on our latest tutorial-in-progress (available only during March), so please tell your painting friends all about it.

Series 4 Learn to Enjoy Painting in Acrylics with Paul Taggart - suitable for oils. Online video box-set art tutorials using traditional techniques.

Available at just $1 per video to stream/download (usually $5 per video) the first six videos in ‘[Series 4] Learn to Enjoy Painting in Acrylics with Paul Taggart’ – which is also suitable for oils.

But that’s not all – we also have early-bird savings codes for the rest of the box-set at $1 per video. To get these early-bird codes (personal to the recipient), simply message us via our account in Vimeo and we will send another six early-bird codes which can be redeemed against each of the next six videos in the box-set as we release them.

We look forward to your company and send best wishes, from Eileen and myself,

Paul Taggart Artist, Author, Presenter, Producer

Purchased our videos through Vimeo – but have not received our March 2023 e-newsletter, detailing our exclusive thankyou and celebratory offers? Please message us via our Vimeo account.

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