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**NEW** workshop to help Transform and Enhance your Artworks

Greetings from our studio, where we are surrounded by the first signs of Autumn. We really need to take time-out to get the garden tidy for Winter and hope to be able to do just that, now that we have completed filming and producing our latest art tutorials box-set – which we have so enjoyed doing - and hope the resultant Workshop also brings pleasure to anyone who wants to make the most of their painting experience, not only in Oils, but also in Acrylics.

This Workshop features techniques that are intended to help Transform and Enhance your Artworks – techniques that I use in my own Fine Art Masterworks. It also addresses many of the issues that face artists. How to rescue an unloved painting, for instance. How to develop your painting abilities further and take your artworks to the next level.

Painting tutorials Workshop in Oils with Paul Taggart to Transform and Enhance your artworks - also suitable for Acrylics

For anyone painting in Acrylics, the techniques in this Workshop can be adapted and exploited – for we have already covered an impasto painting in ‘Series 3 Learn to Enjoy Painting in Acrylics with Paul Taggart’ – which provides the perfect basis for working up.

We look forward to your company and send best wishes, from Eileen and myself,”

Paul Taggart Artist, Author, Presenter, Producer

NOTE : This blog post contains information pertaining to Paul W. Taggart and Eileen M. Tunnell and may contain copyrighted material. It should be read as protected by International Copyright law and DMCA.


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