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A ‘wee’ message, From Us to You – please play me

"Greetings from our current workspace, temporarily relocated from our beloved Steading studio to our dining room (a long story), where we continue to work in front of our open fire, which you will see featured in our New Year greetings video.


2023 has been a challenging year across the world and the stream of interruptions we have experienced since our site was attacked in September 2022 is certainly put into perspective, when compared to the plight of others – for we can only ‘imagine’ the stresses and strains of those whose lives have been turned upside down throughout 2023.


We have much work to catch-up on in 2024 – not to mention many friends to catch-up with – so here’s hoping we can get off to a decent start this coming New Year, for there are lists upon lists of tutorials need filming, Fine Art projects to get off the ground and Elphen Chronicles stories and music in the making, due for release – all will be revealed as these come to fruition.


Meanwhile, keep safe and sound and thank you for your continued interest in our work and for reading this e-newsletter and watching our ‘wee’ New Year message.


With best wishes, from Eileen and myself,"


Paul Taggart

Artist, Author, Presenter, Producer


NOTE : This blog post contains information pertaining to Paul W. Taggart and Eileen M. Tunnell and may contain copyrighted material. It should be read as protected by International Copyright law and DMCA.


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