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April 2022 - Spring Gift for May Day weekend and thankyou bonus from Paul Taggart's studio

May Day Greetings from our studio, where Eileen and I are making final arrangements for the upcoming release of my illustrated Paintbox Tale, 'Starway Sapphires'; the first in a collection of six, in this collection of stand-alone short stories from 'Paul Taggart's Elphen Chronicles'.

"Much of Zand's cherished childhood was spent at his grandmothers; where he could get lost in the overgrown garden and a magical world-of-his-own. This story tells of a life-long friendship that began with the amazing appearance of the Starway Sapphires and the Elphen, Weftwing and recounts where Zand's passion for painting began, with a thrilling discovery that changed his world forever."

OUR SECOND SPRING 'THANKYOU' BONUS GIFT - This Colour Your Own Greetings Card. When you visit Patreon this coming May Day weekend to watch our Video-StoryBook edition of 'Starway Sapphires', log-in to your Patreon account (or register for free) to Follow 'Paul Taggart's Elphen Chronicles' - click the Like button and we will then personally send you, with our compliments this free-for-you bonus thankyou gift, plus details of how to download our Colour Your Own 'Starway Sapphires' Greetings Card, which is normally only available to anyone joining our Treasure Chest on Paul Taggart's Elphen Chronicles as you will see in this video.

Share our news about the upcoming release and free-to-view May Day weekend viewing with your family and friends and we will be delighted to gift them the second thankyou bonus gift as well, when they too have clicked the Like button.

'Starway Sapphire' is the first of five Colour Your Own Greeting Cards for you to collect and we have other ideas in the works, inspired by this first story from the 'Paintbox Tales' - yes, the clue is in the name of the collection of six stories :)

We look forward to sharing 'Starway Sapphires', so don't forget to pop along for your free viewing this weekend of the complete Video-StoryBook edition.

‘Paul Taggart’s Elphen Chronicles’ Treasure Chest - bearing riches in art, music, writings and creative crafts, with plenty more to come.

Meanwhile, stay safe and keep well and as ever, all best wishes from everyone at this end,

Paul Taggart – Artist : Author : Presenter : Producer [Sole Author & Illustrator of ‘Paul Taggart’s Elphen Chronicles©’]

Eileen Tunnell – Project Director, Producer, Video Auteur ‘Paul Taggart’s Elphen Chronicles’

Sunita Gahir – Design Director/Producer ‘Paul Taggart’s Elphen Chronicles’

Liza Mulholland – Music Director/Producer ‘Paul Taggart’s Elphen Chronicles’

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ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2023 – Paul Taggart has asserted his Rights as the Sole Artist & Author of Paul Taggart’s Elphen Chronicles. ALL RIGHTS (including Music) owned by Paul W. Taggart, Eileen M. Tunnell, Sunita J. Gahir [The Three Quills]

The Three Quills studio, symbolising the trio of creative strands that are art & design, writings and music.


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