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March 2022 - A Spring Gift for you is on its way and a New Journey Begins

As ever, this comes with warm greetings and our continued hope that all is well with you and yours.

We are soon to take our first steps on the new journey mentioned in our New Year Greetings and do so hope that you might consider joining us.

Watch out for details of our Spring Gift for you and other ‘Starway Sapphires’ surprises, including the launch date of the Video-Storybook [Artists First Edition].

So please do watch out for our forthcoming post, containing details of this Spring Gift from our studio and other little surprises.

Meanwhile, take care and keep safe, with warmest wishes from us all.

Paul Taggart – Artist : Author : Presenter : Producer [Sole Author & Illustrator of ‘Paul Taggart’s Elphen Chronicles©’]

Eileen Tunnell – Project Director, Producer, Video Auteur ‘Paul Taggart’s Elphen Chronicles’

Sunita Gahir – Design Director/Producer ‘Paul Taggart’s Elphen Chronicles’

Liza Mulholland – Music Director/Producer ‘Paul Taggart’s Elphen Chronicles’

The Three Quills studio, symbolising the trio of creative strands that are art & design, writings and music.

‘Paul Taggart’s Elphen Chronicles’ Treasure Chest - bearing riches in art, music, writings and creative crafts, with plenty more to come.

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ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2022 – Paul Taggart has asserted his Rights as the Sole Artist & Author of Paul Taggart’s Elphen Chronicles. ALL RIGHTS (including Music) owned by Paul W. Taggart, Eileen M. Tunnell, Sunita J. Gahir [The Three Quills]


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