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The Gift of Art – Memories are Made of This – Post #2 of 3 : May 2024 Blog

Art is also therapeutic on many levels - for those who participate in it as part of a healing process and, just as importantly, for anyone seeking to help those in need of such support – a symbiotic relationship.

Amongst those causes that find therapy in art, it has been our privilege to support the hospices that serve the community in which we live – not only those for adults, but also those who provide an invaluable service for children in their hour of need.

But the therapeutic value of art is not only in the doing, it is also in the viewing  - for the viewer can be transported to another place, one that is tranquil and calming. This is something I wanted to harness for another suite of Fund-Raising Limited-Edition Prints in aid of Highland Hospice.

Each subject in the three prints in this suite, dedicated to fund-raising for Highland Hospice, came as a gift – each fulfilling my wish for a tranquil subject to reflect the peaceful support and environment offered by all hospices. Hospices are truly inspiring places and I waited patiently for these inspirational subjects.


Winter Solstice – filled with the tranquil light of the low-lying sun on the shortest day of the year.  A pastoral scene, evoking memories of the autumn harvest, with a bale-filled field fronting the distant loch - the scene framed by early sprinklings of frost that embroidered the trees and grasses with its cold touch.

Swan Loch - the essence of a deep-freeze winter, calming and contemplative, swans gently skating on the frozen loch. Everything seemed as if it could snap in two within this frozen landscape, the sound of slowly melting ice utterly entrancing - for as it was touched by the warming rays of sunlight it was as if we were standing in a surround-sound landscape of ringing bells.

Gates of Dawn – that peaceful moment as dawn emerges, before the birds awaken to give voice to their dawn chorus. A vivid pink bloom flooded from the rising sun as it slowly inched over the horizon. Rising from the sea, an eerie haar rippled up the brae, in shallow undulating waves. Sheep grazed on, oblivious to the stunning effect of this landscape so gracefully draped in its cloak of shimmering gossamer.

If you would like to purchase one of our fund-raising prints, or another from our collection – simply email us (click here) with your initial enquiry and we will be back in touch to take things forward. Whether it’s a treat for yourself, or a gift for someone special, we take great care of your requirements and we’re delighted to gift-wrap with our compliments. For every sale of any one of the prints featured here, we hand over £90 (GB) to the relevant charity.

We thank you for reading our latest news and for your continued interest in our work and, as ever, send best wishes, from Eileen and myself,”


Paul TaggartArtist, Author, Presenter, Producer


NOTE : This blog post contains information pertaining to Paul W. Taggart and Eileen M. Tunnell and may contain copyrighted material. It should be read as protected by International Copyright law and DMCA.


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