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Learn to Enjoy Painting and Painting Topical Techniques – April 2024 blog post #4 of 6

Learn to Enjoy Painting and Topical Techniques with Paul Taggart art tutorials for oils watercolours acrylics pastels drawing colour mixing

“You will likely have already read that everyone who knows me, understands that creating artworks is the very essence of my being. It is a passion that I also love to share with others who wish to take up painting, whether it be as a pursuit, or as a profession. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to witness the fulfilling effect that creativity has on someone else’s well-being and self-esteem.

You can imagine therefore, how, over the years, both Eileen and I have felt truly privileged to receive news from folk round the world, telling us how meaningful painting has come to be in troubled times. Which is why we have always said that once you’ve picked up a brush to create your first artwork, painting becomes a companion for life.


Learn to Enjoy Painting in Acrylics and Painting Topical Techniques for Acrylics with Paul Taggart Artist Author Presenter Producer

From the outset this was our guiding principle. It is how my thirteen instructional books were planned and how we structured our online video tutorials from the very beginning (now numbering well over 700 videos, contained within over 70 box-sets).

We do not simply say “Today we will show you how to paint a flower”, or “Today we will paint a landscape.” For how can someone paint a flower if they do not understand the basics of their painting equipment, or comprehend the myriad techniques and methods that could be exploited, to make their artistic journey as satisfying as it can be?

Learn to Enjoy Painting in Pastels and Painting topical Techniques for Pastels with Paul Taggart  Artist Author Presenter Producer - painting horses

* Firstly, a well-structured overall plan for the journey in - Oils, Watercolours, Acrylics and Pastels - covering three fundamentals.

[1] Equipment

[2] Method

[3] Techniques.

* Secondly, detailed, step-by-step demonstrations with running commentary, which gently guide the viewer to understanding the equipment, the method and the techniques – withholding nothing, sharing everything (including mistakes and accidents and how to correct them).


Learn to Enjoy Painting in Waterocolours Series 2 with Paul Taggart Artist Author Presenter Producer - boat on Loch Brora in Scotland

Each series is based on one particular method or technique. For instance, when working with Watercolours there are several techniques that can be used in their own right – such as Line & Wash, Lift-Off, Wet on Dry, Wet on Wet. These can be used individually or in various combinations – one that I particularly have developed, to enhance the richness of the transparent nature of watercolours, comprises two layers of wet-on-wet and a final third layer of wet-on-dry.


To arrive at this particular ‘Combination’ method in watercolours, we start with the most-used method of painting with watercolours, the Wet on Dry technique – which is covered in Series 1 of ‘Learn to Enjoy Painting in Watercolours’. We then move on to the technique of Wet on Wet, in Series 2 – this being the technique which can often frustrate – but really doesn’t need to, for lack of being shown how. Finally in Series 3, we combine these two techniques. 

Learn to Enjoy Painting in Pastels Series 4 with Paul Taggart Artist Author Presenter Producer - painting door into secret garden

I gently guide you step-by-step, from the first thumbnails and drawing out, to the final finishing touches – allowing you to work-along with me, at a pace to suit you. All our tutorials are accompanied by my running commentary throughout – in which I share not only the painting process, but also my thinking and additional hints and tips – nothing is left out, mistakes and errors are included so that I can set your mind at rest by ‘problem solving’.


You get to see every colour mix on my palette, every stroke on the surface, how each application of paint affects the developing painting – all in real time – no speed painting here.


Some box-sets also include an introductory study, to act as a stepping-stone into the main composition.

These are companion box-sets to ‘Learn to Enjoy Painting’, with tutorials devoted to the specific method/techniques featured and topics that arise, as I work on the main demonstration. Some box-sets also feature a Basic introduction to the painting method/technique and a practice Exercise. All of which will also extend the painter’s repertoire of techniques.


This strand of box-sets contains essential gems of hints, tips, techniques and problem solvers, which deal with a host of stumbling blocks – such as, understanding aerial perspective, dealing with reflections, etc.  – everything needed to make paintings come to life.


Workshop in Oils suitable for Acrylics with Paul Taggart Artist Author Presenter Producer painting horses

For instance, in Series 2 of ‘Painting Topical Techniques for Watercolours’, which concentrates on working Wet on Wet – there is a Wet on Wet Basics tutorial and a Wet on Wet Exercise. Arising from the main demonstration in Series 2 of ‘Learn to Enjoy Painting in Watercolours’ – a tutorial that deals with Light in a Landscape, Reflections in a Landscape, Aerial Perspective, Painting with Lift-Off, Masking in Layers, Stretching Paper for Watercolours.

Learn to Enjoy Painting in Oils and Topical Techniques for oils with Paul Taggart Artist Author Presenter Producer - Italian street scene with figures

Although our mainstream tutorials are dedicated to each of the four principal media – it is worth noting that most of the methods and techniques used in my demonstrations can be exploited to work across other media – for instance, working dark-to-light not only applies to oils, but also to acrylics and pastels and, as such, our tutorials are interchangeable.

Click here to browse through the current catalogue of box-sets listed on our artworkshopwithpaul tutorials page, where you will find posters for the following strands and series dedicated to each of the four principal media - Oils : Watercolours : Acrylics : Pastels  with a separate series covering Colour Mixing.

Click on any poster to watch the trailer for the corresponding box-set.

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Then Vimeo is the place for you – where you can DOWNLOAD the box-sets to your own device for watching time and time again, at a time when it’s convenient to you. Or, if you prefer, you can opt to stream the box-sets through your Vimeo account.

Then Patreon is the place for you – where you can stream the box-sets through your Patreon membership. You are not tied in to a contract and can dip in and out on a monthly basis, whatever works best for you.

We look forward to your company and, as always, send best wishes, from Eileen and myself,”


Paul Taggart

Artist, Author, Presenter, Producer


NOTE : This blog post contains information pertaining to Paul W. Taggart and Eileen M. Tunnell and may contain copyrighted material. It should be read as protected by International Copyright law and DMCA.


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