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Swan Loch

Swan Loch

Spirit of The Highlands Collection

Edition Size 100

£325 framed

Frame Size (outer) 48cm[w] x 69cm[h]

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“Welcome to our Highland studio and thank you for dropping by to view our Limited-Edition Print, published from my Masterworks oil painting, ‘Swan Loch’, one of a trilogy of fund-raising prints published in aid of Highland Hospice, alongside ‘Winter Solstice’ and ‘Gates of Dawn’.

Although we experienced temperatures of -20oC in January and February in 2011 - it was a crisply frozen January morning in 2010 that inspired this composition.

We were thinking of what would make a good companion for 'Winter Solstice' and 'Gates of Dawn' for the third in our trilogy of Fund-Raising Limited Edition Prints in aid of Highland Hospice. Although a Winter scene was already part of the set, we were so taken with this silvered-view; it seemed too perfect to ignore for their 25th Silver Anniversary in 2012.

Unlike the treacherous deep freeze of 2011, in 2010 we were able to continue our early morning cycle rides - perfect for getting the inner-core warmed up before settling down to desk and easel. On this particular morning in early January, we rode off to Loch Eye to see how the swans were faring - having heard that the Loch was frozen over and that the Loch Eye Curling Club were hoping to get on it at some point.

SUBJECT - The scene was extraordinary - for not only was the Loch frozen over - except for one small section slap bang in the middle - the entire landscape was spectacularly frosted.

Everything seemed as if it could snap in two and the sound of slowly melting ice was utterly entrancing - for as it was touched by the warming rays of sunlight it was as if we were standing in a surround-sound landscape of ringing bells. One of those times in life; once experienced, never forgotten!

As for the swans - all appeared well, as pairs glided into view across the small section of water not fully frozen-until a momentary interruption. Walt Disney in nature; a solitary swan took off from the far bank and approached to alight on the Loch, only to discover, when it was far too late, that the chosen landing site was a solid sheet of ice. Brakes applied, wings outstretched, neck and head pulled back, feet turned up, heels dug in - Bambi-esque - a safe landing was achieved, but only just! It was the comical manner in which the swan turned to look at us as it came into land that had us in stitches - another moment of which memories are made!

As always, we thank you for reading and watching, with best wishes from Eileen and myself,”

Paul Taggart

Artist : Author : Presenter : Producer

  • Only 100 prints in each edition (unless otherwise stated)

  • Limited to stated quantity

  • Individually signed by Paul Taggart

  • Individually numbered by Paul Taggart

  • Published exclusively by Paul Taggart's Studio

  • Each print individually passed by Paul Taggart

  • Printed on archival acid-free paper

  • Acid-free window mount fixed with archival tape

  • Hand-framed with polychrome 'glass' to prevent damage in transit.


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Swan Loch

Limited-Edition Print published as a fund-raiser for Macmillan Cancer Support – with £90 from the sale of each print remitted by Paul Taggart and Eileen Tunnell to Macmillan Cancer Suppport.

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