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     “Welcome to this gallery featuring original Miniature Masterworks from my illustrated Paintbox Tale No.2 - Starway Sapphires.

     Although these miniatures measure only 150mm x 150mm (6inches x 6 inches), they require no less effort and attention to detail than the largest of my Masterworks. In fact, being so small, they require all my skills in mapping out the initial composition, when deciding how to convey the story-telling content within each.

     As with all of my Masterworks Oil Paintings, these miniatures are painted using my own unique method, in which I exploit a variety of traditional techniques, all of which serve to bring the subject to life.

     It is my hope that in sharing these miniatures I can convey my passion for the art of story-telling through painting.”


Paul Taggart

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Paul Taggart's Elphen Chronicles. Fairies. Fantasy. Fairy stories. Fairy tales. Fantasy art. Weftwing. Lacewing. Starfire. Webstrand, the Tooth Gatherer. Paintbox Tales.
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