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Paul Taggart’s Behind-the-Scenes, Fine-Art Videos

“As well as filming online video painting tutorials, we also create FREE-TO-VIEW behind-the-scenes videos in which I invite you to join us in our studio; where I take you for a walkabout through one specific original painting from my Masterworks collection. A step-by-step reveal also shows a series of the principal stages that the painting went through, from the drawing-out to the final finishing touches of sparkling highlights.

Our latest Masterworks oil painting behind-the-scenes video is dedicated to the making of ‘Reflecting on Oban Bay’ and joins its companion ‘Reflecting on Longhope Bay’, both of which can be found on my Fine Art Videos channel.

These are not tutorials; they are by way of our celebration of the painting process and an insight into the traditional techniques that are exploited to achieve the finished result I am looking for – each video is an expression of our passion for creativity. Some are accompanied by tunes that represent the creative passion of like-minded musicians, with whom we have had the privilege of working.

We hope that in sharing these behind-the-scenes features we are opening a window into the thought-processes that lie behind a composition and the techniques that go into every stroke of a painting, from the blank canvas to the finished artwork.”

Paul Taggart

Artist, Author, Presenter, Producer

NOTE : This blog post contains information pertaining to Paul W. Taggart and Eileen M. Tunnell and may contain copyrighted material. It should be read as protected by International Copyright law and DMCA.


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