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Launch of 'Heritage Collection' at Northern Roots Festival

Launch of 'Heritage Collection' at Northern Roots Festival
Bruce Macgregor & Brian O’hEadra Co-Directors of new Northern Roots Festival invite Artist & Author Paul Taggart to participate

Bruce Macgregor & Brian O’hEadra Co-Directors of new Northern Roots Festival invite Artist & Author Paul Taggart to participate

“Their Musical Heritage Shared”
(featuring Bruce Macgregor,second left on fiddle, founder of Blazin’ Fiddles, in open session at Bogbain Farm) from Paul Taggart’s latest ‘Heritage Collection’ gets first showing at new Northern Roots festival April 3-5 2009, Bogbain Farm, Inverness, Scotland

Miniature Oil Painting on Gesso Panel – Actual Size 7” x 9”

Visitors to the festival will also get the opportunity to win three original paintings which Paul will be producing over the festival weekend in aid of Highland Hospice.

“When Bruce approached me about the festival I was in the process of completing the first few paintings in my new ‘Heritage Collection’. As I see it, Bruce and Brian are creating tomorrow’s heritage today, so it seemed the most natural thing to bring the launch of this collection forward, with the unveiling of ‘Their Musical Heritage Shared’ at Northern Roots.

As with their music and musical expertise, the ‘craft’ of my painting owes everything to a repertoire of processes rooted in an established heritage of traditional methods. Without the specialist knowledge passed down from artists through the centuries, it would not be possible for me to work in the style that I have carefully nurtured and developed over my professional life as an artist. It is a method that requires an unhurried approach, with each oil painting built layer upon layer, to capture the very heart of the subject.

I use a complex range of bold and subtle heritage techniques to create depth, in order to produce a seemingly three-dimensional space filled with light, space, mood and movement.

My goal is to capture the very essence of a moment in time – one that will evoke a memory, or an emotional reaction.

The subjects for this Heritage Collection owe everything to those who seek to keep their traditions and customs alive Those whose working and social lives are rooted in the legacy of their birthright – be it through music & dancing, history & storytelling, farming & crofting, literature & poetry, fishing & shooting – wherever a boundless enthusiasm exists for creating tomorrow’s heritage today.”

A selection from each of my collections will be showing at the festival, comprising of prints and original paintings, dotted about the complex of buildings in which the various concerts, workshops and open sessions are taking place. Limited Edition Prints are available of “Their Musical Heritage Shared” and these will be available as well as the original oil painting.

In keeping with Bruce’s idea of roving musicians throughout the festival, I also will be roving about the festival, producing watercolour sketches of performers in the concerts, workshops and open sessions. There will be one complete montage of these sketches on each day, giving visitors the chance to win something quite unique on each of the three days. I will also aim to get each featured performer to place their autograph alongside their image, making the framed watercolours rather special mementoes of the occasion.

Bruce is an Ambassador for Highland Hospice and with my own commitment to the Hospice, we felt it appropriate to make them the beneficiaries of the raffle ticket sales, for which these paintings will be the prizes.

Co-Directors and Organisors, Bruce Macgregor and fellow musician Brian O’hEadra (also Artistic Director of the Blas Festival) will themselves be performing as a trio with Sandy Brechin in the opening concert on the Friday evening. As will another familiar face, seen alongside Bruce in the painting; seasoned performer Iain Macgillivray, appearing in the Afternoon Concert on the Saturday.

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