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2021 Greetings and Saatchi Art updates from Paul Taggart's studio

 2021 Greetings and Saatchi Art updates from Paul Taggart's studio
It is our sincerest hope that this finds you bearing up, in spirit and in health, in spite of what life is currently throwing at us all, across the world.

Looking out over the neighbouring landscape, from our studio verandah, these past few days, it seems that a lifetime has passed since we last filmed and posted one of our short ‘Life in the Fast Lane’ videos. Yet, only three months have slipped by, since we shared the footage of a pair of deer, grazing contentedly through the stubble of one of the harvested fields that adjoins us. These ‘stolen’ moments, taken to  film the comings-and-goings of some of the wildlife, have brought us a lot of joy and we feel truly fortunate to not only live in the Highlands of Scotland, but also privileged to be able to see Nature’s seasonal changes and it’s effects on our surroundings.
            Thank goodness we are as disciplined as we are; for we could be so easily distracted from our work in the studio, as the local feral cat goes about her daily perambulations, striding along our verandah, peering through the windows and glazed doors – we could set our clocks by her routine. Then there are the gadabout pheasants, strutting their stuff throughout our garden – currently comprising a couple of handsomely-plumed males, accompanied by a harem of females. A devoted robin keeps us company throughout the day, hopping from a fence post to the honeysuckle tumbling over the fence beside our dining room window, as we start the day at breakfast – not that the collared wood- pigeons like it much, as he ‘squabbles’ them out of the garden and ‘shoos’ them back into the trees. As we say, much to distract us, were we to let it!
            But work we must, it is in our DNA to create – me at my easel for hours on end, multiple paintings on the go at any one time, writings to re-work, log-burning stove to keep alight.  Eileen at her various desks and computers, videos in the making and processing, manuscripts to type-up, tutorials to plan, communications to respond to. Busy, busy, busy - but never arduously so, because all of our creative output brings us into contact with those worldwide with whom we share a passion – that of creativity and art.

            The newest additions include two original artworks, available to purchase via Saatchi Art – normally, we wouldn’t be offering these original artworks for sale. However for this project, selected artworks are being released, to raise dedicated funds that we can wholly invest in the short stories, music album, print-books etc. that are currently in the making.



‘Battling the Sycamosaur’ is a particular favourite of mine – portraying as it does my own childhood experience of creative imaginings, when playing in my grandmother’s garden. You can watch me at work on this Story Vignette Oil Painting in this FREE-TO-VIEW Behind-the-Scenes Bonus Feature video, in which I also explain more about the painting, along with a short extract from our Video-StoryBook version of ‘Webstrand, the Tooth Gatherer’.

‘Webstrand’s Moonlight Gathering’ is one of Eileen’s favourites – who loves the imperious, yet mischievous, nature of Webstrand. Again you can watch me at work on this Story Vignette Oil Painting in this FREE-TO-VIEW Behind-the-Scenes Bonus Feature video.

Sunita (our Design Director and Partner and Collaborator) – would really much rather that we didn’t sell any of the Elphen Chronicle originals, for she cannot bear to say ‘goodbye’ to these artworks that have found a special place in her heart. We quite agree, it is sad when saying ‘goodbye’ to any original artwork as it goes off to its new home; but we always take solace from the fact that when a painting goes, it does so because a certain someone has fallen in love with it.
            The pandemic has had a bearing on the way all of our lives will shape-up in 2021, both creatively and personally and one thing is for sure, none of us need reminding just how precious life is - which is why we say please take care of yourself, stay safe to keep well – this comes with all best wishes from Eileen and myself,

Paul Taggart
Artist, Author, Presenter, Producer
Oils : Watercolours : Acrylics : Pastels : Drawing
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