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Tuition and Guidance for the Artist in Everyone

Tuition and Guidance for the Artist in Everyone

Art Workshop with Paul Painting Companions


You join us in our Art Workshop With Paul Painting Companions Centre; where registered members can access all areas. There is much to explore here in Paul Taggart’s official site and we would be pleased to welcome you as a fellow Painting Companion, so that you too can access all areas and be kept up-to-date on our ever-growing catalogue of on-line tutorials, events and activities. Please click here for the simple registration process. If you are already registered you can log in here.

This comes with best wishes for your painting and for 2017 in this 'wee' little video message, from Eileen and Paul

We do hope you enjoy your visit to Art Workshop With Paul Painting Companions; where we share Paul's passion for painting and drawing with like-minded folk from around the world, through various on-line activities.

Whether you are new to painting, have been painting for some while or wish to try something new it is our hope that we can help in some way; through Paul's on-line tutorials currently available from his official Paul Taggart - Artist & Author account home of artworkshopwithpaul on vimeo - simply click on the Video on Demand button in the right hand column.

WATERCOLOURSOILSACRYLICSPASTELSCOLOUR MIXING are part of our ever-growing index of comprehensive video tutorials, all of which are filmed in real-time so that you get to see Paul's every brush-stroke, every colour mix, every action.

Browse through our growing index of 55 box-sets, currently featuring 498 videos
JJoin our Facebook GroupOIN OUR WONDERFUL COMMUNITY ON facebook ..... where you can meet other like-minded folk, from around the world who share your passion and  PARTICIPATE IN ON-LINE EVENTS CREATED EXCLUSIVELY for PAINTING COMPANIONS.

Art Workshop With Paul Painting Companions on facebook - a supportive, encouraging, inspiring group who enjoy sharing their work and getting to know each other. This is a 'closed' group to help protect the privacy and security of our fellow Painting Companions; but you are very welcome to request to join us (free of charge) by simply clicking on the facebook button and checking your message in-box for our reply (which will follow when we process applications).

More up-to-date news to follow on a regular basis, both on this page and on our News & Events page; as well as our constantly growing Video on Demand catalogue, so please keep in touch either by dropping in here or by ensuring you have provided us with your current email address to which we can send our periodical Newsletter.

Paul’s Gallery

Paul’s Gallery

On-Site Tutorials

Watercolours - Lift-off Tutorial, Hints & TipsWatercolours
Lift-off Tutorial,
Hints & Tips

Pastels - Sketching Pastels Tutorial

Sketching Pastels


Other Media Mixed Media Tutorial

Other Media
Mixed Media

Oils - Step-by-Step Tutorial


Acrylics. Layering Wet on Dry Tutorial

Wet on Dry

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Art Clinic - Painting Companions 
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