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Latest art tutorials and February 2021 news from Paul Taggart's studio

Latest art tutorials and February 2021 news from Paul Taggart's studio
Welcome to artworkshopwithpaul on Vimeo and our latest art tutorials in watercolours and oils.

As ever, this comes with our warmest wishes and hopes that life has not been too unkind to you and yours over the past 12 months, a time when we have all been touched by extraordinary circumstances, of one sort or another. Oh wouldn’t it be simply wonderful if each of us could ‘wave a magic wand’ and make everything right itself. Hopefully 2021 will prove to be the dawn of something better, even a teensy bit better would lift the spirits would it not?
            Having safely cocooned ourselves in our homestead since March last year, we are now about to venture out for what could prove to be a life-saving start to the ‘new normal’. We’re actually going to be opening our gates and driving through to our local town to receive our vaccine. How will we feel about being out and about, how will our car fare after being idle for so long? Such strange feelings for two people who have been used to being free-as-birds, for our entire lives – to be suddenly faced with the dilemma of what is safe and what is not. Yet we speak of two people who are of the swinging sixties generation, mini skirts, mini cars, Beatles music – a decade full of promises. We were off to art college, exciting times ahead and even though we started out with very little, felt that with hard work and commitment we could share our passion for all things creative and make something of it.
Fast forward over fifty years, since we got together those many decades ago and our enjoyment in sharing and nurturing creativity has never dimmed. There have been challenging times, times when we have had to adapt to changes in the wider world – such as those we face now, due to the current vagaries of life. Which is by way of explanation, for the interruptions to our schedule of filming tutorials, for which we apologise and hope you can bear with us.
We’re making preparations to resume filming our art tutorials, after a slightly longer-than-expected break, in which we had to turn our attention to adapting/changing the way forward with many of our artistic/creative endeavours. One of which proved very frustrating, resulting from changes made by Vimeo back in October. to the functionality of their platform. During the early stages of these changes our profile page was hit by a catastrophic technical bug at Vimeo’s end,; one that prevented us from being able to load our trailers on the profile page and, annoyingly, Vimeo have also removed the VOD tab/button. Faced with this dilemma we had to find a workaround – which is why we decided to re-make our Welcome to artworkshopwithpaul on Vimeo This video includes a step-by-step guide on how to find your way around our official account, so that you can find our VOD art tutorials box-sets, Free-to-View Features, Trailers, dedicated Channels etc. –
            Thankfully all of our 79 VOD pages and 10 dedicated channels behind the new Profile page have not been interfered with – so all of our 71 tutorial box-sets are still in place (featuring well over 700 videos).
When you land on our official Paul Taggart account on Vimeo, you will find that we’re now featuring only two videos – our Welcome to Paul Taggart’s Elphen Chronicles and our Welcome to artworkshopwithpaul on Vimeo – along with an index of direct links to our VOD pages and our dedicated Channels.
            It is very disheartening and dispiriting when platforms change their m.o. – so you can imagine how we feel. But we have faced worse, such as when YouTube enabled our tutorials to be stolen back in 2014 and we will persevere with Vimeo, so that we can continue to share our passion with fellow creative souls.
            With that in mind we have set-to and will soon be picking up on our FREE-FOR-YOU box-set of on-going workshops, which currently stands at Episode 26.

Thank you for reading and, as ever, this comes with all warmest wishes from both at this end, for your health and, for your painting,
Eileen and Paul 
PS Should you wish not receive any further communication from us, please reply to this EMail letting us know and your details will be removed from our private address list – for we wouldn’t wish to do anything to offend.
Paul Taggart
Artist, Author, Presenter, Producer
Oils : Watercolours : Acrylics : Pastels : Drawing
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