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Thankyou and August 2020 Newsletter

Thankyou and August 2020 Newsletter
Greetings from our 'lockdown' studio in the Highlands of Scotland - we do so hope this finds you staying safe and keeping well in these times of the COVID 19 pandemic..

        We have missed welcoming friends to our home for leisurely meals and long visits, but continue to ‘shield’ for all the right reasons – losing one of our long-standing friends to this wretched virus brings it all into focus. But, as if to remind us that Nature continues, our garden has become a safe haven for some of our neighbourhood creatures of the wild. We thought we would share some of the joys of Nature, whilst also sharing Paul’s joy in being able to continue to paint at his easel, in our Steading studio – the place that lies at the very heart of his soul.  In this film you see Paul putting the finishing touches to his miniature oil painting of the Elphen, ‘Weftwing’, whose story unfolds in upcoming short stories of her first reveal to Zand and their subsequent experiences as ‘magical’ companions click on this link to watch the video -

        The lockdown that affected all of us who are working collaboratively on Paul Taggart’s Elphen Chronicles has undoubtedly impacted us; however it did also give us all a chance to draw breath and out of that period have come many positive creative developments. I have been working away at my easel on three collections of miniature oil paintings to accompany my three short stories. Sunita has been busily working on the book design for these short stories and getting material prepared for the printers who will be working with us on these and the Print-Book version of ‘Webstrand, the Tooth Gatherer’. Eileen has been shuttling between her various desks and computers, making preparations for the Video-StoryBook versions, making more behind-the-scenes videos and keeping everything on track, for when we can get things into production again, beautiful things with Ruth on the textile front and with Liza and our much-longed-for album of Elphen music. We are indebted to Liza for working with us collaboratively, in creating her beautiful music, which she has composed especially for this album. Although the lockdown had brought the project to a temporary halt, Liza was able to get back into Steve Bull’s recording studio at the beginning of August, with the amazingly talented Alasdair Taylor, whose exquisite mandolin playing was the set required to finally complete the tracks for the album.

        Sadly, we were not able to join them this time around (Covid19 restrictions applied) and were therefore unable to film the sessions, but ............. Steve very kindly sent us a rough-cut of the tracks, which we’ve been playing ever since (forty times and counting) – at full volume – thank goodness we have no neighbours!!!!! Such Elphen Happiness abounds in our Steading studio as we go about our work. Soon the final tracks will be off for Mastering, then it’s into production of the rather special album cover that we have planned.

        Whenever a creative piece finally makes it into the wide world, it is a fact of life that anyone seeing it for the first time has very little concept of the amount of time, effort and creative energy that has gone into producing the piece – not to mention the years of unpaid work that has gone into it’s original creation. Which is why we are making so many free-to-view, behind-the-scenes videos – so that folk can get some insight into the commitment that goes into creating ‘content’, as it is referred to in these days of the-internet-of-things.


        A few months ago we took the decision to make all of our Vimeo-based online tutorials free-to-stream, in support of the challenging times being faced by our fellow painters across the world, in dealing with the difficulties presented by Covid19. Demands of life mean that we are all facing the reality of the ‘new normal’ and having to adapt accordingly and, as such, we will be returning our VOD tutorials to their previous status of being available to rent or purchase, from September 1st 2020.     However, we want to show our appreciation for the support shown us by so many fellow painters over the years, some having been with us since purchasing their first Paul Taggart art instruction book, or their first video tutorial (both online and back-in-the-day of VHS hard copies), others having attended in-person art courses/workshops/painting house-parties.

Which is why we have plans in the making that will include preferential discounts on all our online video tutorials for those who are formally registered with us, ‘Follow’ our official Paul Taggart account on Vimeo and have made two or more, box-set purchases. Anyone on our new Paul’s Painting Companions list will also be in receipt of occasional additional offers, have exclusive access to us to help with ‘problem solvers’ and will be invited to put in subject requests. The preferential discounts will not only be made available against online video tutorials, they can be redeemed against other projects and art-related items available directly from our studio, such as Limited Edition Prints, Paul Taggart’s Elphen Chronicles and so on.
  If you would like to be included in our ‘appreciation for your support’ plans, then please ensure you are registered with us to receive our occasional e-newsletters - click here to register -

FREE-FOR-YOU Box-Set – we have taken the decision to continue offering this box-set for the foreseeable future, well beyond it’s natural conclusion; so the unique personal codes that have been despatched thus far will remain open, until such time as they are redeemed. We have received requests for the workshops to be separated out into the four different mediums, so that folk can purchase these separately; which is what we will do, as each of the workshops come to a conclusion. First to be released therefore will be the Watercolour Workshop, which is nearing completion, as can be seen in the latest episode to be added to the FREE-FOR-YOU box-set.

START-ART, Box-Setthis will remain FREE-TO-STREAM for the foreseeable future, although it can be downloaded for a mere $1.

The Elphen Tutorials : HOW TO PAINT Webstrand, the Tooth Gatherer, Box-Set – this also will remain FREE-TO-STREAM for the foreseeable future, although the full set of eight videos can be downloaded for $5.


As ever, thank you for reading our latest news and thank you for your continued support. We’ll be in touch again with our latest news.
Don’t forget however, that if you would like to be included in our ‘appreciation for your support’ plans, then ensure you are registered with us to receive our occasional e-newsletter.

        Meanwhile, stay safe, keep well and best wishes from us both,
Paul and Eileen

Paul Taggart
Artist, Author, Presenter, Producer
Oils : Watercolours : Acrylics : Pastels : Drawing
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