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Latest News PLUS 'Out and About with Paul' Landscape Tutorial - Making GREEN Work for You with Paul Taggart

Latest News PLUS 'Out and About with Paul' Landscape Tutorial - Making GREEN Work for You with Paul Taggart
Welcome to our Highland Studio from where we bring you our latest tutorial, an Alla Prima oil painting workshop in which I focus on ‘Making GREEN Work for You’ in a landscape.

Although this tutorial is painted in oils, the method and colour mixing principles will equally suit acrylics, gouache and other opaque media and can be easily adapted for use with soft pastels.
       On my first visit to this location I realised that it would make the perfect subject for a start-to-finish workshop, in which I could help make greens work for you in a landscape; which can prove challenging to some artists, both in terms of identifying them and in creating the many varied colour mixes.
We never know when going ‘Out and About with Paul’ what the weather has in store for us, but adaptability is the name of the game when venturing out and as you will see in this trailer, we were very lucky indeed over the two days and were able to film the entire on-the-spot tutorial as we hoped for – click here for trailer.
       Painting out-and-about brings many benefits. It teaches you to study the subject, to look for the variety of colours in every element and, it helps you understand the changing nature of light, as it moves across the landscape. To create light in the landscape you need to work out the hue of any particular colour and how to achieve the colour mix to match that hue, both in sunlight and in shadow - which is what this workshop is all about; guiding you through the process from beginning to end.
       In this step-by-step tutorial the composition moves from distant grey-green hills, which are lighter in value, right through to dynamic, rich green mixes required for the foreground foliage – this progression being the basis of aerial perspective that is essential in achieving a successful painting full of depth and volume.

We are often asked if any of my paintings, produced exclusively for video tutorials and my painting instruction books, are available for sale. Generally these are offered for purchase at one of our invitation-only private views, at prices well below my Collectors Artworks, when visitors can browse through our portfolios containing unframed artworks that have been created specifically for this purpose. We haven’t, however, had a Private View for quite a number of years, due to the sheer amount of time spent on my on-going Elphen Chronicles project, not to mention the time spent on filming and producing the over 700 instructional videos that are currently available on my official account on Vimeo.

        So, instead ...... we will soon be communicating privately with those who would normally receive one of our private invitations, with details of selected pieces of ‘tutorial’ artworks that we’ll make available for sale (such as the little oil painting of the sheep in the snow that was created for our Whites box-set). We had hoped to find the time this Autumn for a Private View here in our studio, but there is so much going on with my Elphen Chronicles and of course more tutorials to attend to, that we think it unlikely this will happen. We’d be delighted to include you in this private communiqué, should you be interested in seeing what we have to offer, so do let us know by replying to this email.

            We look forward to your company and as always, send you best wishes for your painting, from Eileen and myself.


Paul Taggart


Artist, Author, Presenter, Producer
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Tuition and Guidance for the Artist in Everyone
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