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Latest News and Tutorials from Paul Taggart's 'artworkshopwithpaul' studio

Latest News and Tutorials from Paul Taggart's 'artworkshopwithpaul' studio
Greetings from our studio, where Summer in our part of the world is in full swing,

        Our beloved Swallows returned to build their nest deep in the three-foot stone walls at one of the gable-ends of our studio – keen-eyed viewers of our online video tutorials may well have spotted their comings and goings through the window in the background as we film at Paul’s easel. One brood completed, another on it’s way; our annual visitors have provided us with much joy over the years, as witnessed in Paul’s miniature oil painting that features in this free-to-view Masterworks video that can be seen on Page 2 of our Masterworks channel on Vimeo -
        When you do pop over to our official Paul Taggart account on Vimeo – click on More, then scroll down to Channels and click on that to reveal the individual channels we have created to make it easier for visitors to browse through our index of trailers. If you prefer, to browse through our box-set posters, then click on More, scroll down to On Demand and that will reveal the first page of our ever-growing index of 61 box-sets, featuring over 600 videos – where you will notice our latest release .............................

The beauty of knowing how to control colour mixing is in your hands, as we set out to demonstrate in this latest box-set that brings Series 1 to a close. Every artist develops their own palette of preferred colours, but to arrive at this selection requires knowledge of not only the available colours, but how colours work with each other to produce successful mixes. Colour Mixing is every bit as important in making a composition work as thumbnails and perspective. With colour control you can communicate with your viewer, tell a story or evoke a mood - hence the phrase 'to paint a picture.

Just a ‘wee’ reminder of the companion box-sets, covering Yellow, Red, Blue, Green and Orange; which kicked off with the first set in this Series 1, the Basics. Our purpose in Series 1 is to arm you with all the knowledge you will need to enjoy the ‘art’ of colour mixing, every bit as much as the ‘act’ of painting – to provide you with the confidence to conquer those sometimes ‘muddy’ mixes, to have at your fingertips the ability to mix a vast range of colours and all from a nucleus palette of six colours - click here for our Colour Mixing channel on Vimeo -

MORE TO COME on both the tutorials front and further news about ‘Elphen Chronicles by Paul Taggart’.........
As always, this come with best wishes from Eileen and Paul


Paul Taggart
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