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The Magic of Glazing in Oils

The Magic of Glazing in Oils
NOTHING SURPASSES the BEAUTY OF GLAZING in OIL PAINTING; which is why in this series Artist & Author Paul Taggart sets out to demystify the whole experience of working with the traditional technique of glazing in oil painting; so that you can see glaze mixes in their raw form, how they look on the surface and how they interact with each other and underlying textures and colours.

"Greetings from my easel and studio in the Highlands of Scotland,
                When working on my first book for Watercolour Painting, Eileen and I were determined to demonstrate the principal techniques into easy-to-follow segments; which is why we broke the medium down into Line & Wash, Wet on Dry and Wet on Wet. This philosophy has guided us ever since and has been applied to all of my fourteen how-to books published to date. We also wanted a device to break down the process even further, which is how we arrived at my unique Artstrips© – conceived as a form of printed ‘running demonstration and commentary’, a substitute for close-up shooting in film. Although we did at the time work with a TV Producer and production team to produce and distribute VCR video cassettes (remember those?), these were hugely expensive to produce and release.
                You can imagine our delight therefore, when the facility to start filming our own tutorials came along some five years ago. We grabbed it with both hands – for it gave us the opportunity to demonstrate everything we wanted to share and so much more besides. Now we could not only delve into specific techniques, but close-up shots allow us to demonstrate everything you need to enhance your enjoyment of painting. And we’ve been doing that ever since.

                However, there was one particular subject that we were desperate to share, nigh on impossible in printed form and certainly not easy to portray, because of its subtle nature – although the technique itself is not difficult, nor is it for the elite few. As with the Watercolour Painting book, we were determined to work out the best way possible to strip it down into easy-to-follow tutorials.

   The art of ‘glazing’ – that traditional technique which enriches and enhances oil painting. NOTHING CAN COMPARE to the BEAUTY OF GLAZING in OIL PAINTING and yet, this technique is not as well-used as it might be. And no .... it is not a specialised technique, it is something that everyone can enjoy and oh, what a difference it will make, to both your end results and your painting experience.
So, we got to work and thought long and hard about how to guide everyone through the process – how to get folk to shrug off that feeling that it is incomprehensible. Which is what ‘[Series 4] Learn to Enjoy Painting in Oils with Paul Taggart’ is all about; as is its companion box-set ‘[Series 4] Painting Topical Techniques for Oils with Paul Taggart’. Want to know more? Pop over to Paul’s official account in Vimeo and watch the trailer (or click on this link or the images in this missive). We promise, this is a gentle  guide, in which I set out to lead you step-by-step from the basics to a finished ‘combination’ study – everything is revealed, I don’t hold anything back and Eileen’s close-up filming shows you exactly what is happening on the surface every step of the way. We have even devised a way of showing exactly how glaze mixes look on the palette, so that you are not left with unanswered questions.


When I say that it gives me the greatest pleasure to reveal this technique, I really do mean it, because we both want everyone to get as much delight and enjoyment from their oil painting experience as I do, every day that I sit down at my easel to paint. Whether it is to film more tutorials or work on my own paintings.
                Even my recent collection of Elphen Masterworks and Vignettes has relied heavily on the art of ‘glazing’, as we will soon be revealing in more films.
As always, this come with best wishes for your painting, from Eileen and myself,

Paul T
Paul Taggart
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